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Campbell Model "SC"
Campbell Model "SC"
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CAMPBELL: Model "SC" Acoustic/Electric Bass

The SC A/E bass guitar features the same uncirculated 1953 Maccaferri body used as the basis for a compact and surprisingly resonant hollowbody bass guitar. You have a choice of short or long scale as well as your preference of hardware, pickups, and four or five strings. The instrument has a deep warm tone even when unplugged and has the classic sound of vintage 1960's hollowbody basses available now only as high priced collector items. As with the entire SC line, the total manufacturing run is limited to 75 instruments total due to the extremely limited supply of 1953 Maccaferri bodies. Prices start as low as $600 depending on choice of hardware and pickups. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an instrument custom built to your specifications using a vintage limited production 1953 body designed and engineered by one of the 20th Century's greatest guitar builders, designers, and players, Mario Maccaferri.

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